Hostesses/Ushers: A yah or nah

imageDefinitely a yah!!!! for me. I cannot over emphasize the importance of ushers at an event. Some of you might ask- why do I need ushers at my event? Well here are some reasons;
They ensure fluidity of movement, direction and crowd control. They make sure your guests are comfortable.


Our ushers are well groomed and also add to the aesthetics of the decorations.
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Events 101: Baby Showers

A Baby shower is a new and exciting trend in Nigeria. It is a chance to celebrate the mum to be.
The term  baby shower is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is “showered” with gifts. Traditionally, baby showers are given only for the family’s first child, and only women are invited. The intent is for women to share wisdom and lessons on the art of becoming a mother. This is done by playing games and indulging in luscious nibbles.

These are some pictures to give you inspiration, when planning a baby shower.

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The role of an Event planner

Event planners ensure the successful execution of your event if you lack the time and expertise required to plan an event, you need an event planner.

What do event planners do? Nothing really except the following:
•    Go for meetings on end, some last up to five hours or the whole day
•    Get home really late most weekends
•    Answer phone calls endlessly as it rings
•    When a bride and her family say jump, you usually ask how high and when!
•    Do a lot of thinking, our work is mostly cerebral, you have to think the process through and think of plan B, C ,D etc.
•    Manage situations you cannot predict – is the cameraman not coming, or the place catching fire, or the food arriving, or is it managing people?
•    Managing the relationship between the bride and groom
•    Managing the relationship between two families
•    Managing the bride and her in-laws
•    Managing the guests who want to sit where the bride and groom should? {The list is endless}
•    Downloading the bride’s vision as she has it in her head, seeing what the bride is seeing, her colors, her perfect day, knowing that real life is never like that magazine shoot but trying to get it as close as possible
•    Ensuring that the budget is realistic and will be enough and making sure people prioritize properly – sometimes they place more priority on the day than the bride and groom.
•    Sometimes you might have people who will threaten and bully you but as you grow older in the business, you learn to stand on your NO!
•    Planning and managing an event with the Nigerian factor involved.
•    Making sure the client is not upset with you because a guest walked up to her and said she has not eaten- but she really just finished with the 6th plate of food!
•    Manage the fact that the MC is nowhere to be found or there is no diesel available for the back up generator.

The list is endless, but I don’t want to bore you.

To be continued……….